Wahl Animal Undercoat Rake 858457-016


Wahl Animal Undercoat Rake 858457-016

WAHL 858457-016 is not just for detangling, great for getting shedding under control as well. Dashed with the 20 teeth to help capture more of the loose undercoat while leaving a healthy shiny topcoat. All it takes is a few short, quick strokes of the rake over your pet’s undercoat. Easily remove fur from the rake itself. Soft grip for a comfortable hold. Ergonomic handle is formed to the shape of your hand for an easier grip. So, it is easy to grab & hold on to, thus preventing accidents when grooming your pet. 

Colour White & Green
Targetted Group Adult
Made in China
Brand Wahl
Model Number 858457-016
Item Type Animal Undercoat Rake
Suitable For Brushing, Removing Hair and Detangling Pet Hairs
Soft Grip Yes
Easy to Use Yes
Removes Loose Undercoat and Tangles
Rotating Teeth Yes
Teeth Material Stainless Steel
Portable Yes
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